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Medical Alert Systems For Seniors


Enjoy the freedom of independence with the peace of mind that help is near. Like the panic button on your alarm’s keypad that notifies the central monitoring station and proper authorities in the case of an emergency, BG Technologies’s medical monitoring services work in much the same fashion, but with you or your loved one’s health conditions in mind.

How it Works
Using a medical pendant or key fob, simply pressing a button will allow the central monitoring station to be notified of a medical emergency and immediately alert paramedics for you. What’s more is BG Technologies takes the extra step of recording important details about your preexisting medical conditions when you sign up for the service, dispatchers can share this information can be immediately relayed to the paramedics so they are better prepared to care for you when necessary.

Don’t let fear of a medical emergency or injury keep you from living the independent life you love.

To learn more about BG Technologies's medical monitoring services, contact us today.

With just a push of a button, BG Technologies trained 24/7 emergency operators will be there to contact family, friends, neighbors and if necessary, your local 911 emergency services.



$263.40 billed per year


$74.85 billed per 3 months


$27.95 billed per month


$359.40 billed per year


$104.85 billed per 3 months


$39.95 billed per month

No Contract, No Credit Check, No Equipment to Buy​
​One Time $29.95 Activation Fee