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Flat panel and TV installation services available in Montgomery, Conroe, Willis, Spring The Woodlands Texas

The Theater

With the right creation, investing in a home theater can be one of the greatest enhancements to your home ! Whether you are relaxing or entertaining, home theaters are a great way to bring everyone together. BG Technologies has numerous years of experience putting audio and video together to create the ultimate home theater for many satisfied customers.

BG Technologiess will help you design your home theater from start to finish. Whether it be in a dedicated home theater room or a multi-purpose media room, BG Technologies will help give you the theater you want to show off to everyone.

High Performance Audio

BG technologies provides our clients with only the best brands possible, so that you may enjoy only the greatest sound quality possible. The selection of products we carry offer you not only great sound quality but will fit with any home decor and are easy to use. Letting BG Technologies help you choose the best high performance audio system to fit your needs, will ensure you the best listening experience for many years to come.

Along with a staff that has been highly trained for many years in the field of home audio, BG Technologies offers product selection that starts at an introductory level all the way to the most state of the art devices. At BG Technologies, we bring you only the best products that have proven to stand the test of time.

Let our years of experience and knowledge help you in designing an audio system that will fit your needs now and grow with your needs in the future. Whether you want to bring a stereo system into your home, integrate a music system into your home theater or simply sync your automation system with your iPod, BG Technologies can help you create the most enjoyable of audio experiences.

Lighting / Automation

Home Automation is an easy way to create an all-purpose control that makes controlling your audio, video and home lighting simplier, more safe and saves energy !

Home Automation allows you to tie together all the systems a typical home has in it. With designed, custom programming, you can automate almost anything make life simplier and safer.

The fun of custom programming comes into play when you want to relax or entertain. One button can start it all. From setting light sequences to, to starting music in a certain rooms, all the way to setting your landscaping lights to turn on and off when you want them too. 
Home Automation allows you to use wireless touch panels, wall mounted panels and even your iPhone and iPad to control your home. 

BG Technologies can help you design the automation system that meets your individual needs.